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Natural Body Care Products

Natural Skincare for the Body

Are you ready to take your body care routine up a notch - for its skin? Natural skincare for the body provides the nourishment and protection needed for healthier, glowing skin. Using natural ingredients that are powerful and gentle on your skin, you will fall in love with how soft and hydrated your skin will start to feel!

Body wash, soaps and scrubs, moisturising lotions, deodorant. You can care for your skin from head to toe with the Oil’d It Australian made body care product range.


Diatomaceous Earth Deodorant is a popular favourite - a natural deodorant that blocks and eliminates body odours, even if you have very sensitive skin.


Knowing that Oil'd It products are free of harmful chemicals will give you peace of mind. Liquid Germall Plus, which is paraben-free and effectively delivers antibacterial activity, is used in products that do require preservatives. As is Geogard Ultra, a natural broad-spectrum preservative.

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