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Enjoy your next in-home movie night with a "Treat Your Feet" spa session starring our fabulous feet trio...


  1. Feeting Frisky Foot Scrub
  2. Smooth n Smitten Foot Lotion and 
  3. Heavenly Healing Heel Balm.


AND SAVE over 25% with this Treat Your Feet gift set.


Foot Scrub with Ground Pumice

Our foot scrub with ground pumice works to gently remove the rough skin, revealing beautiful fresh skin for an instant lift.


Foot Lotion

Effective for treating dry skin on your feet without leaving that greasy residue feeling. 


Heel Balm

Restore and rejuvenate even the worst dry cracked heels, using nature's own healing ointment powerhouse - Calendula Oil and Frankincense essential oil.


Pre-release Announcement:

After this much hydration we strongly advise you DO NOT walk around on slippery surfaces. Pop on some socks to help your skin drink in all that delicious moisture, sit back, relax and enjoy your movie!

Treat Your Feet Gift Set

    • Foot lotion 100ml
    • Foot scrub 100ml
    • Heel balm 15ml


    SAVE OVER 25% !!

    • Distilled Water
    • Lauryl Glucoside
    • CCG Surfactant
    • Lamesoft
    • Xanthan Gum
    • Glycerine
    • Sodium Lactate Plus
    • Hydrolized Oats
    • Geoguard Ultra
    • Lime and Ginger Essential oil
    • Ground Pumice Stone.
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