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Oil Blend Set - Save $6.80 when you buy the full set of Essential Oil blends/


  • Sleepy Head 10ml
  • Anxiety Blend 10ml
  • Get Sh#t Done 10ml
  • No More Snore 10ml


Each rollon in this set has a special focus that can help you through everything life has planned for you throughout the day. Having trouble sleeping? Feeling a little anxious? Need to focus and be more productive? Wanting to reduce your (or your partner's) snoring at night? This essential oil blend set features a rollon blend to help with each one.

Oil Blend Set

  • This set includes one bottle of each of the following:

    • Sleepy Head
    • Anxiety Blend
    • Get Sh#t Done
    • No More Snore 

    Each blend is a 10ml roller bottle for easy application

    If used once per day each bottle should last approximately 3 months.

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